Bob Fynbo - Commissioned Furniture
Our Philosophy

My goal in furniture building is to make solid furniture using the finest joinery techniques. The furniture is functional and pleasing to the eye. The finish starts with layers of hand applied 2 lb cut shellac, followed by several coats of sprayed lacquer, and finished with a hand rubbed wax.

My material comes from ecologically sound sources. Most of my domestic hardwoods (oak, ash, cherry, walnut, maple, birch) come out of the Midwest from trees felled by storms or during agricultural clearing. I pick the logs in person and monitor the cutting at the saw mill. Exotic woods from South America and Africa are purchased only through dealers certified for sales of lumber harvested using sustainable harvest practices. I thoroughly inspect each piece of lumber for color and figure.

Whenever possible our first choice for lumber is through reclaimed sources. This is lumber that was formerly used in buildings or furniture. Some is recovered from sunken barges or ships. Some of this lumber's character and age are unsurpassed by anything else available.

Bob Fynbo

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